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Patio and Garden Contractors for Newcastle upon Tyne. Experts At Installing New Patios Using Natural Stone, Garden Paving, Patio Slabbing and More. Call Us Today To Book A Free Estimate.

Patio Contractors in Newcastle


Affordable and beautiful patio installations in Newcastle upon Tyne. If you are thinking of renovating, replacing or installing a garden area at your home in Newcastle, call TFJ Paving for a free quotation. We can provide you with endless options with patio design and installations in Newcastle.

We would be delighted to give you a free quotation on your patio or garden paving in Newcastle. Our team can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the styles of patios, the various cost options and the multiple styles available. Patio and garden options can range from standard budget paving to natural stone, limestone, sandstone, marble and slate.


We can provide you with multiple samples of various natural and manufactured stone products in order to help you choose the perfect finish for your patio. Add creative touches to your garden area by creating beautiful pathways, curved edges, decorative edging and more.

We tailor each and everyone of our patios to suit our customers. If you need steps, doorway ramps, non slip patios or just easy maintenance, we guarantee that we will create it for you within a competitive budget.

Call our expert team today in Newcastle upon Tyne to book a free quote on replacing or installing a new patio in Newcastle. Skilled, professional services. Affordable prices.